How to use Kik messenger for Android

Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the Play Store. It is used largely by teens for communicating and having fun together. Most of the credit for its popularity goes to its simple to use interface, easy onboarding process and the availability of a native app store. This is probably the only chatting and social app that has the youngest set of audience. Although using it is extremely simple and requires no over the top skills, this page gives you a few tips that would help you to make the most out of the app and simplify the initial process for you.


Downloading Kik messenger

Downloading Kik messenger is exactly similar to downloading any other app on Android. You just need to go to the Google Play Store, search for ‘Kik messenger’ on the search bar and find it. Read through all the permissions it needs for functioning on your phone and then install it seamlessly. Once you have the app on your phone, you then need to simply sign up or log in to your account and get started. The onboarding process is quite smooth as well so there is no hassle in downloading and getting started on the app.

Chatting with your friends

On Kik, you can add your friends by just by their usernames. Similarly, your friends can also discover you by your username. So setup a username that would be easily recognizable by your friends. Once you are connected with them, you can chat with them and do many fun things together. Kik is well known for the interactiveness that it allows among the connected members. It also shows you the recommended list of people that you might know and who are already using Kik. So add your friends and start exploring the app.

Playing games with your friends

When chatting seems boring, simply find a game that you both like and started playing games with each other. There are hundreds of games available in the app store in the Kik messenger. You can choose from the most popular games that people enjoy playing on the app or discover new ones. This is one of the features that you won’t easily get in other messenger apps. Playing games might be a lot of fun in the app especially when you can do it with your friends.

Deactivate your Kik account

Although it is completely fun to use Kik and chat with your friends and discover new people worth talking to, you might feel like deactivating your account for your betterment. Kik allows deactivation of accounts but there is a different process you need to follow. Check out this ultimate guide

  • You first have to log out in your phone from your Kik account.
  • Once you have done this you need to visit the Kik deactivation website and enter your email address there. They will send you a confirmation mail regarding deactivation of the account.
  • It is only recommended to deactivate your account if you do not wish to use any further.


How to Choose the best Trampoline for your Child

Trampolines are generally spring made platforms specifically designed for kids to jump on, do somersaults and generally just have fun. Teens and adults can also play on them, but they are however most common with kids/ children. There are usually trampolines of different types which are designed for various occasions or even for specific age groups of children. However, there are safety risks that come with the use of the trampolines in as much as they are fun to play with and hence very important to have precautions when looking to buy one for your child to play with, as they are discussed in this article.


If you are looking for great trampoline that you can get for your kids to play and have fun with, then there are a number of options to consider, since there are lots of trampolines available for sale at different stores, and not all of them can be the best or most appropriate for use. You can seek a help from TrampolineReviewer for purchase guidance These considerations can be detailed as follows;

Safety: This is a very important factor to consider, especially with regards to the age of the kid, since younger kids will be more prone to accidents or injuries than older ones. Therefore the trampoline needs to meet safety measures such as enclosures fitted around for protection.
Springs used for the trampoline: A great trampoline needs to have light/smaller springs that may not cause bouncing to very high heights that can cause injuries.
– Special side material: The trampolines need to have side material that can protect your kid from any kind of injury when bouncing or jumping on the trampoline.
Limited access to a ladder: The trampoline should not have a ladder if it is designed for very young kids since it will mean that it is not very safe for their age.
Space: Great trampolines will have a good space for the kids to jump and play on.
Best Types of Trampolines

Some of the best types of trampolines that you can get for your child without having to worry about them using are such as;

Skywalker trampoline, 15-feet round: This is a trampoline with a round enclosure combo that enables your children to be safe within the trampoline while having fun at the same time. They also have a resistance to any kind of weather.
Ultega jumper trampoline with a safety net: This is a great trampoline jumper equipped with a safety net which protects the kids from falling off when jumping and also equipped with soft springs that do not allow the kids to jump very high hence get risks of accidents.
Skywalker rectangle trampolines with enclosure: This is a great trampoline equipped with rectangle shape for effective protection for kids and great for those training to be athletes in jumping, such that they can get great practice. It also comes equipped with a good protective enclosure.
Airzone outdoor spring trampoline: This trampoline is designed with a protective mesh all around it for protection and effective for outdoor fun.
Whether you want a trampoline for kids to play with without much supervision for safety or even one that you can enjoy, it is very important to consider the various factors that make a great trampoline that you can enjoy and the same time give you value for your money. Move to Kids Trampoline – Check out our reviews for more info.

Solution to avoid Red stains in Tubs and Sinks

What is a red stain?

Red is a bright and warm color. One glance at it and your brain undergoes certain reflexes and changes your mood into something delightful and pleasant. No wonder, we all love roses! However, imagine an image of orange-reddish stain in your sink, toilet or the tub. Not very pleasant, is it? Ever wondered what is the reason for the red stains? A little chemistry will help you here. A Red stain usually indicates the presence of Ferrum in water. Does that mean you’re drinking water with huge amounts of Iron? Let’s find out further details.

Presence of Iron in Water

Iron is an abundant element on the earth and stands at the fourth place in the list based on abundance. Therefore, it’s very obvious that when the rainwater falls on the earth, it flows on the surface of the soil and therefore, the iron from the bedrock and the sediment penetrates it into it. This water with iron dissolved in it then seeps to various water aquifers and are then streamed into water bodies like lakes and rivers. In case, if the water did not catch iron from the earth, it also can pick iron when it is passed through the pipes. Therefore, iron in the water supply for residential/commercial/industrial purposes is a common thing and almost 90% of the consumers are confronted with this problem.

iron water

The presence of water in the residential water supply can cause quite a number of problems. The reddish stains you observe in your sink or tank is nothing but the rust that is formed by the iron in the water. But, most of the times the iron concentration found is around 10 ppm (Parts per million) or 10 mg/L. Only concentrations that are around 0.3 mg/L result in problems like staining.

Indicators of Iron in water:

  • Red stains in Tubs, Sinks, Toilets.
  • Staining on linens and clothes
  • A metallic odor or taste
  • Reduction in water pressure of pipes and heaters due to iron buildup.

Best Water Softener Reviews for Iron in water:

Fleck water softener not only softens the water by removing the hardness but also lowers the ferrous levels in water. In case if you have higher levels of iron in the water, the technology embedded in Fleck water softener removes and reduces iron from bigger size to 10 ppm and also reduces other deposits like manganese. Therefore, the scale buildup of iron is prevented and the staining on linens, fixtures is usually stopped. On the other hand, in case, if your water contains ferric ions dissolved in it, it can not be easily reduced or removed. The only solution to do this is by physically trapping the ferric iron in the filter. To do this, you initially have to have a knowledge of what kind of iron is present in water. Talk to your local water specialist and know what’s in your water. Get to know the information about the type of iron, size of it and the consequences of it. Finally, depending on the hardness levels and other constituents, you can approach the Fleck water softener firm for the best appliance that suits your water and which gives you conditioned the water with huge benefits. You can get further details about best water softeners on their site. is their official homepage. You might also check Nuvo H2O Reviews for comparisons of the models of salt free water softening systems by Nuvo. If you liked this article or found it helpful, do no forget to share it on your social profiles.

4 Best Cartoon Games for Android

Androids are just amazing devices and it offers you with a complete fun of enjoying games. Google play offers you with thousands of games and apps and the android store also get updated all the time. This creates confusion for many. Here are few Best Cartoon Games for Android that you can download from play store and enjoy. You can also download the ShowBox app to watch movies when you’re not watching cartoons!

Knightmare tower

If you have played doodle jump, then this game is little bit similar to this one. You will have to jump constantly to reach a higher level. This is a real fun and you will have a great time playing this game. You will have to tilt your tabs to move right & left. In Knightmare tower you are a knight and you have it ascend tower. There are enemies which will try to catch you from below so be alert. This game might give you strong addiction so play it on your own risk.


This is a strategy game and your brain will have to go through a tough workout session every time you play this game. You have to place floors of odd shapes of distinctive colors in space. There are workers and you will have to feed and command them. This game is really good and this will be your bonus advantage if you love to play strategy games.

4 Best Cartoon Games for Android


This cartoon game is all about kissing and mathematics. You have to combine numbers around a tile pad to get similar numbers next to them. If you won in making a like numbers then this will get friendly and one big new number will be created. To climb your scores up keep on making big numbers. This game is musical, charming and highly addictive and will definitely become your latest obsession.

The room two

Puzzle freaks are going to find this game really amazing. This game is custom made for the tablet owners. This puzzle is just going to boggle your mind and your interest will lift up each level you pass. You have to play this game in action only then you will know about the work of this game. It is available on Google play.

These are the few best cartoon games which you will love to have on your android devices. They are easily available on Google play from where you can download there free versions. These are among the best games and you will love to play them all the time.

Everything You Need to Know About the Movie Box App

It is not all what you think the Application to be; unquestionably the renditions of the Movie Box App may not be sufficient to make you comprehend what the pp is skilled off. It is not just an application where you can set yourself to watch movies. These are the days that individuals are obsessed with Films, Broadcasted programs and Trailers. It would be simple if can discover all these in one single Application in our PC or Mobiles or iPad/iPhone.

We arrive to appear and help you with the most recent and simple application where you going to get so much stuff without investing cash and energy to pursuit others. “Film Box” is the one of the well known applications accessible in the web which has every one of the elements you required to observe anything you wanna watch.

There is such a large number of other application yet some exceptional elements will separate Move Box with other application everywhere throughout the web. It is one of a kind arranging film application which is straightforward and quick. Here we can make our viewed/unwatched motion picture list so we can recall and surf other stuff effortlessly. Furthermore investigate forthcoming, requested movies, surveys from the pundits, and first class movies. On the off chance that you are willing and need the pictures of the movies you can discover the blurbs of the movies and utilize them without looking again in changed applications. You can get the subtle elements of the forthcoming films and trailers of those movies. You can Get Movie Box app for iPhone and iPad here.

Overview of Movie Box App

Since there are distinctive working frameworks we don’t have single answer for all so am going to tell diverse methods for diverse operation frameworks. You can pick the strategy of your separate working framework and take after the progressions to introduce. It is much too less demanding to download this element for windows simply download it from the given beneath connection and appreciate. There is another option method to get Motion picture Box Establishment you can make them use android ask bundle with Blue stacks emulator. There are numerous android emulators for pc/portable workstation however I prescribe you to utilize Blue stacks emulator which is less demanding and has great interface contrasted with other emulator accessible for android.

movie ox

Features of Movie Box App

  • You can create flexibility for watched lists with an instance

  • Randomly choose the number of unwatched movies

  • Discover movies from different sections as well as categories which will include Top Rated as well as others

  • Be the first one to watch trailers of every movies when once it is been launched

  • Sort out selective movies with the help of dates as well as other parts

  • Select out movies with the help of artwork or of different honors

  • Be the first one to book movie tickets online without a queue to be stuck at

  • Keep your money in the wallet and then redeem codes

  • Get attractive discounts when needed

Enjoying best top five games for iPhone 6

In modern times, technology has given boon to phone lovers and there are many new amazing phones today that have completely redefined the way of communication. When there are numerous phones today that are purely best in every way then iphones have brought a rage that is difficult to ignore for any technology lover today. Though there are many games that can be found on this gadget but here you will get to know some best games for iphone 6. For other latest iPhone Hacks you can visit .

Know more about 5 best games for iphone 6 – As iphone 6 highly advanced phone which is more than just a gadget and a pure innovative way to attract passionate technology and gadget freaks thus there are amazing and highly graphic intensive games on this phone that will make you go whoa. As you can spend whole day playing these amazing games let us know about the 5 best games for iphone 6 which you will love the most for sure.

  1. Epic Zen Garden iphone 6 game – Despite being a simple, slow pace, casual, navel gazing kind of game yet it has amazing graphics that look even better on iphone 6 along with lovely soundtrack and fun environment which is truly worth checking out.
  2. Galcon 2 iphone 6 game– This galactic action strategy game has chat which is way better which you can shift according so that you can see more messages along with some unique features to explore.
  3. Vainglory iphone 6 game– This best anticipated game has new capabilities to be explored on iphone 6 and refined touch controls that will enhance you game play.
  4. Asphalt 8: airborne iphone 6 game– This addictively amazing racing game has realistic graphics, environments like Venice, French Guiana, Iceland etc, customizable touch controls, soundtrack with sounds and more things that are pulse pounding.
  5. Plunder Pirates iphone 6 game– You can command a crew of pirates at this game which is free to play along with 360 degrees view, fun character designs that have addictive gameplay.


There are plenty of Best Installous Alternatives to download games free of cost for your iPhone 6.

When you have mobile gaming obsession then games that you can explore on iphone 6 will definitely make you go crazy as the 5 best games for iphone 6 listed above are definitely worth exploring and should give it a try if you have passion for best graphics and superb gaming features. You will be obsessed with these superb games that are best in many ways that you need to check out.